Versailles OnegaiKanaete Regular
DVD by Versailles
Format DVD
Release Date 2011.07.06
Length 40 minutes
Genre Drama, comedy, TV show
Label Geneon Entertainment
Catalog Number GNBD-1622
Limited GNBD-1621
Price ¥3,990 (Regular)

¥7,980 (Limited)

Producer Toshihiro Takahashi

Takashi Omoto Kuwasawa Hongzi

'おねがいかなえてヴェルサイユ(Onegai Kanete Versailles) was a short TV drama starring by actress Rina Koike and members of the band Versailles, broadcasted in a 5-minute time slot on MBS and tvk from 17 January to 28 March 2011. The theme song for the show was Versailles' single "Philia", which was released on March 15.

All the episodes of the mini-drama was released on DVD on April 27. The DVD was released in two editions. A regular edition with one disc with all the episodes and all uncut episodes; and a limited edition titled Onegai Kanaete Collector's Box with a bonus disc with special feature: alternate ending, fake making, ending song "Philia", opening music video and more.

Description of the showEdit

The show start with Rina Koike (17 years), as a poor but pure girl named Rina Fukurokoujo. One day a group of "princes" (played by Versailles) appear before her to grant her every wish no matter how unreasonable. There will be an element of comedy in their various missions, including one where they must serve as babysitters.


Regular Edition DVDEdit

  • All 10 episodes
  • Extra episode 0 showing the character's first encounter
  • Two unreleased extra episodes
  • Director's cut of the ten main episodes with audio comentary by Versailles and Rina Koike

Limited Edition DVDEdit

  • Fake making
  • Unreleased footage
  • Versailles interview
  • Rina Koike interview
  • Ending song "Philia" without credits (1 chorus)
  • Opening music video (2 minutes)
  • New flash
  • Commercial aired on TVK
  • Versailles & Rina Koike interview
  • Special musical perfomances and annoucement clips


  • Outer case
  • 24 page luxurious making booklet
  • 2 trading cards


  • Rina Koike
  • Narration: Yuko Minaguchi


  • Directed by: Masayuki Kato
  • Configuration writer: Hiroyuki Ogawa / Kensaku Sakai
  • Director: Kamekichi / Satoshi Shibayama
  • Production: Onegai Kanete Versailles Production Committee


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