Spelling Orugōru
Status indies, disbanded
Origin Osaka
Years 1999 - 2001
Genres visual rock
Labels Matina

オルゴール (Orgel) was one of the most obscure project signed to the Matina label. It started approximately in late 1999 as a side-project of Cloud Forestia vocalist [[[C.レイ | tatsuki]] with the help of Ukyō and Ramu from the Matina bands LAYBIAL and Madeth gray'll. Shortly after the formation, Ukyō left the project and was instantly replaced by Ai, invited by Ramu who was his bandmate in LAYBIAL. In the meantime tatsuki changed his name to C.レイ (C.Ray).
In early 2000 the band recorded their first and only maxi-single 妄想とレクイエム (Mōsō to Rekuiemu). The song Juliet was also published on the Matina compilation album PRELUDE. Orgel then kept low-profile to let the members focus on their main projects, and eventually resurfaced one last time contributing with a new song for the Matina compilation PRELUDE:2~en effort of resalt~.
C.Ray recently played live as Orgel with support members at an UNDER CODE PRODUCTION speciale vent devoted to the Matina days at ESAKA MUSE on September 23 2009.

Lineup Edit

Former membersEdit



Omnibus albumsEdit

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