Givuss 5
AKA Givuss
Status Indies, disbanded
Origin Kanto
Years 2003 - 2004
Genres Rock
Labels Loop Ash
Related Alice Nine

ギブス (Givuss) were a visual kei indie band that was around for only a very short time. However, they established a following during their time, and even now, are still a well-known group due to the popularity of the members' later bands.

Band historyEdit

Givuss was formed in February 2003 by the vocalist Shou and guitarist Tora . They were soon joined by Nao on guitar, Tsunehito on bass and Yuu on drums. After some performances, they released their very first demo-tape, Juunin Toshiki in July. However, the 1000 copies were sold out so quickly, so about a month later the second press of another 1000 followed.

Around this time, in the first few months of their existence, Nao left the band and was replaced by another guitarist until that one left as well, and they continued as a quartet.

On October 17th, the young band had their first one-man concert and in December, they released their very first maxi-single, 花鳥風月, which ranked 4th on the Oricon indies charts. In the same month they had another one-man concert, on which they distributed a videotape.

At the beginning of 2004, the band announced to disband soon. Their two last concerts were on March 22nd and 23rd. On March 31st they released their last single, 能音楽、無生命 (No music, No life).


Former members:Edit



Demo tapesEdit

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