Yowasete Mojito reg
Spelling Golden Bomber
Status indies, active
Origin Tokyo
Years 2004 - present
Genres Visual kei
Labels Zany Zap, Euclid Agency

Golden Bomber (ゴールデンボンバー, abbreviated as Kinbaku (金爆), Bomber (ボンバー) or GB) is a Japanese visual kei "air" rock band formed in 2004 and signed to the independent label Euclid Agency. Currently, Golden Bomber have released 10 singles and 8 albums, some of which have gained the top places in national Oricon chart.


The band was formed in 2004 by Vocalist Kiryūin Shō and Guitarist Kyan Yutaka. The band conception is "Hyper Giga Hybrid Super Subculture Visual Rock". Chimatsuri Teppei joined as the first drummer/keybordist, when later he left, Tenkujō Dankichi took the position of drummer. Utahiroba Jun joined as bassist on 22 April 2007. On 5 April 2009 Dankichi left the band, and on 10 April 2009 Darvish Kenji joined as a drummer. The members, except Kiryūin Shō, don't play instruments, music recordings are done by professional musicians, as the members say themselves. Kiryūin Shō creates the music, the arrangements are mainly managed by "everset" tatsuo. During the lives Golden Bomber don't play their instruments, instead they dance and perform, show videos and act out dramas. Kiryūin Shō is the only one who alsways sings live. All musical activities of the band, including songs, music videos, promotional videos and performances, contain lots of parody on famous bands, artists, manga, self-parody and jokes. Nevertheless, each performance is thought over seriously and prepared thoroughly. Their first single "Dakishimete Shwarz" was released on 1 May 2008, followed by 4 more consecutive singles. The first albums "The Golden J-POPS" and "Renai Shuukyouron" were put on sale on 24 December 2007, the first live DVD was released the same day. In 2009 Golden Bomber had 12 consecutive oneman lives on the 1st day of each month and performed a country-wide 4646 tour. Their most famous song "Memeshikute" was released as single on 21 October 2009. During 2010 they also continued with oneman lives (Oneman Kowai, Zenryoku Baka tours), and had a consecutive 12 month song releases on All the songs released on dwango were #1 in dwango daily rankings. In 2010 the band was due to perform at Shanghai Expo 2010, but because of some problems their performance in China was cancelled. The popularity of the band in general has hugely grown during 2010. To the end of 2010 Golden Bomber got major debut offers from 7 companies, but rejected them all, willing to stay "good-for-nothing" indies band and taking into consideration the feelings of their fans."Mata Kimi ni Bangou wo Kikenakatta" single reached #4 on Oricon weekly charts and was ranked #3 in Oricon 2010 year top selling indies singles chart. "Shimohanki Best" album was ranked #3 in Oricon weekly charts. In 2011 Golden Bomber continued with "Life is All Right" spring national tour (the initial name of the tour, "Isshou Baka (Lifetime Idiot)" was changed due to the erthquake and tsunami in Japan). In July 2011 Golden Bomber performed at Japan Expo in Paris, France, and in August had two lives in Seoul, South Korea. "Yareba Dekiru Ko" national tour is scheduled for autumn 2011. On 14th and 15th January 2012 Golden Bomber will perform in Nippon Budokan, and on 21th January - in Osaka-jō_Hall. Golden Bomber also host a program on Nico Nico Douga. Besides, the members have collaborated with different artists not only from music, but also from fashion industry. As for now Golden Bomber have released 11 singles, 8 albums, 23 DVDs.


Former MembersEdit

  • 天空城 団吉 - Drums (2007.3.29 - 2009.4.5)
    → ゴールデンボンバー →
  • 血祭鉄兵 - Drums, keytar (2005.12.24 - 2007.3.15)
    Office YOUNG JAPAN → ゴールデンボンバー → Office YOUNG JAPAN




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