Kaya Chocolat
single by Kaya (solo project)
Format CD
Release Date 2008.04.23
Recorded in 2008, Studio KS Unlimited
Length 15:34
Genre Pop
Label Next Music/Universal
Catalog Number POCE-3305
Price ¥ 1,700
Producer Kaya
Chart peak #82 (2 weeks)

ショコラ (Chocolat) is Kaya's major debut single. The first press of this single comes in a slipcase and includes a trading card.

Track listingEdit

  1. ショコラ - 3:40
    composed by Hora, lyrics by Kaya
  2. Pourriture noble - 4:52
    composed by Hora, lyrics by Kaya
  3. ショコラ ~Sweet version~ - 3:23
    (Chocolat ~Sweet version~)
    composed by Hora, lyrics by Kaya
  4. ショコラ ~Kayaless version~ - 3:39
    (Chocolat ~Kayaless version~)
    composed by Hora



All arranged by Kei Suzuki
Recorded & Mixed by Kei Suzuki
Mastered by Souichirou Nakamura

Recorded and Mixed at Studio KS Unlimited
Mastered at PEACE MUSIC

Photography by Takaaki Henmi
Costume: Scarlet
Costume & Stylist: Chikako Miyake
Hair: Eriko Matsumoto

Management: Makoto Ohdate (トロイメライ)
Art Direction and Design: Kaya

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