Status Indies, active
Origin Kansai
Years 2012 - 2016
Genres Rock
Labels self-produced (2013-present)
Livqueur Records (2012-2013)
Related バラッド
Website New homepage
Old homepage
ジン (zin) are a visual kei band formed in 2012, and were signed on to Livqueur Records. However, the band left the label in 2013, and have since produced their own music.


Zin debuted on October 7th, 2012, and ten days later, they released their first single titled RENSOU RAIN (憐想レイン).


In March 2013, It was announced that Zin would be going on hiatus after their Umeda CLUB QUATTRO live on April 24, 2013 due to differences between the members and Livqueur Records. The band plans on managing themselves and does not plan to disband.

Their second single which was planned to be released on April 24, 2013 has been cancelled.

Return from hiatusEdit

Tha band resumed activities on July 26th 2013. Two days before, on July 24th 2013, the band released a new maxi single titled Yuuyami Kakurenbo (夕闇かくれんぼ). 


Former members Edit




  • 2012.10.17 RENSOU RAIN (憐想レイン)
  • 2013.07.24 Yuuyami Kakurenbo (夕闇かくれんぼ)
  • 2013.02.16 RENAI DYSTROPHY (恋愛ジストロフィー; LOVE DYSTROPHY) (live-distributed & mail-order limited)
  • 2013.11.27 Junjou Renka (純情恋歌)
  • 2014.04.09 SAKURA NO KOI (サクラノ恋; Cherry Blossom Of Love)
  • 2014.06.28 Suiren (睡蓮) (live-distributed, mail-order, & ZEAL LINK shop limited)
  • 2014.11.26 Hiai (悲哀; Sorrow)
  • 2015.11.04 Kono Suki ha Douiu Suki Nanoka Mohaya Wakaranai Kedo Suki Nano Desu. (この好きはどういう好きなのかもはやわからないけど好きなのです。)
「憐想レイン」 ジン-004:45

「憐想レイン」 ジン-0

Omnibus albumsEdit

  • 2014.06.25 妖幻鏡-WEST- The Conquest of NANIWA

External LinksEdit

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