Vidoll pisaroto
studio EP by ヴィドール
Format CD
Release Date 2002.07.21
Recorded in March-May 2002, ARS STUDIO
April 2002, TRANS STUDIO
Length 18 minutes
Genre alternative rock, visual rock
Label Matina
Catalog Number MTCD-008
Limited 1,474 copies
Price ¥2,415
Producer ヴィドール, KISAKI
Chart peak -

Track listingEdit

  1. マユラ'S ホビー - 0:57
    (Mayura'S hobī, "Mayura's Hobby")
    composed by 伴奏/テロ, arranged by ヴィドール
  2. マユラ↓↑ピサロト - 4:37br>(Mayura↓↑Pisaroto)
    composed by マユラ, lyrics by ピサロト, arranged by ヴィドール
  3. ダイイングキャスト - 3:36
    (Daīngu Kyasuto, "Dying Cast")
    composed by ジュイ, lyrics by ジュイ, arranged by ヴィドール
  4. アゴラフォビア - 4:52
    (Agorafobia, "Agoraphobia")
    composed by ラメ, lyrics by ジュイ, arranged by ヴィドール
  5. ワイセツ人形 - 4:34
    (Waisetsu Ningyō, "Obscene Doll")
    composed by ジュイ, lyrics by ジュイ, arranged by ヴィドール



Produced: ヴィドール
Recording Studio: ARS STUDIO (2002.Mar~May), TRANS STUDIO (2002.April)
Mastering Studio: ARS STUDIO (2002.May)
Recording Engineer: Katsuhiro Yamamoto (ARS STUDIO), Yukio Araki (TRANS STUDIO)
Sound Adviser: SIN (Syndrome)

Artist Management: Matina
Sales Promotion: Aya Sato (Matina)
Official Staff: Yukari Yamanaka, Maki Maeda (Matina)
Superviser: ToshiA (Philia/Matina-STORM)
Road Crew: ケンタ, ヤマ

Costume Design: AKI & CHIE (BURY MXXK)
Photographer: Kazumasa Koike

Art Direction & design: Aki Okamusa (KSi)
Executive Producer: KISAKI (Syndrome/Matina)

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