AKA Mediena (2015-2016)
MiLLa (2014)
Spelling ミラ (MiLLa)
Status indies, active
Origin Tokyo
Years 2015.01.22~2016.09.11 (as メディーナ)
2014.05.21~12.30 (as MiLLa)
2014.05.21 - 2016.09.11
Genres Rock
Labels V-eyes Records
Related ArcDeaR
Website メディーナ OHP

メディーナ (mediena) are a visual kei band, first formed in 2014 under the name MiLLa. MiLLa would however, "pause" later on December 30, but then reform as メディーナ in January 2015. Rei (gt.) has departed at 21st August, 2016 due to his health problems and the band will disband on 11th September, 2016.


2014: First formation as MiLLaEdit

First known as MiLLa, the band debuted at Shibuya REX on May 21, 2014, where they released their first (and only) live-limited one-coin single, Misery. Bassist KO-YA, who was their support member at the time, joined the band later on August 25 at their live at Shibuya duo MUSIC EXCHANGE. After a good run, the band would cease activities on December 30, after their live at Ikebukuro BLACK HOLE.

As MiLLa (2014)

2015: Mediena kicks off the new yearEdit

On January 1, 2015, the band would spring up once more under a different name, メディーナ (mediena). They held a demo live at Ikebukuro BLACK HOLE on January 9, and a formal live later on the 22nd at Takadanobaba AREA, where they were also the opening act for the Ains label presents live event Dark in the Dark-Vol.011-. The event also featured the Ains band, 黒百合と影 (kuroyuri to kage), plus other bands such as アルルカン (Arlequin), DADAROMA, and エルム (Elm).

The newly-formed Mediena would later release their first demo single, 奈落ヘノ階段 (naraku e no kaidan) to indies stores on April 29. They would then hold their oneman live, 輪廻転生, at Ikebukuro BLACK HOLE on March 23, as bassist Riku would depart afterwards due to personal reasons. He was quickly replaced by support member Tooka the next day - Tooka would then become an official member later in August.

On September 18, Mediena participated at MALISEND's presents live, 契約の儀-終焉への誘い-, at Meguro Rock May Kan, alongside other bands DAMY, Minerva, Miss Rainy, Lydiar, and VENDETTA. Two days later, they held their free oneman live, 池袋二丁目暴動区, at Ikebukuro BLACK HOLE, where they also released their live-limited single, 紫苑 (shion), on September 20. A new single, 呪縛 (jubaku), was also announced for a release later in December.


  • ryo - Vocals (2014.08.25-2014.12.30; 2015.01.22 - 2016.09.11)
    → MiLLa → メディーナ → ヴァージュ
  • K→景斗 (keito) - Guitar (2014.08.25-2014.12.30; 2015.01.22 - 2016.09.11)
    → MiLLa → メディーナ
  • taishi→ (rei) - Guitar (2014.08.25-2014.12.30; 2015.01.22- 2016.08.21)
    イザナギArcDeaR (support) → MiLLa → メディーナ
  • 十花 (tooka) - Bass (2015.08.13-present), support (2015.05.24 - 2016.09.11)
    → メディーナ (support) → メディーナ
  • 水貴 (mizuki) - Drums (2014.08.25-2014.12.30; 2015.01.22 - 2016.09.11)
    → MiLLa → メディーナ

Former membersEdit

  • KO-YA→ (riku) - Bass (2014.08.25~2014.12.30; 2015.01.22-2015.03.23), support (2014.05.21~2014.08.25)
    ArcDeaR → MiLLa (support) → MiLLa → メディーナ →


Singles (live-distributed, etc.)Edit

As MiLLaEdit
  • 2014.05.21 Misery (live-limited)
As メディーナEdit
  • 2015.09.20 紫苑 (shion) (live-limited, 444 copies)
  • 2015.12.16 呪縛 (jubaku) (limited 999 copies)

Demo singlesEdit

  • 2015.04.29 "奈落ヘノ階段 (naraku e no kaidan) (indies stores limited)