Yuuze Profile
Real name Kubota Kei (久保田慶)
Aliases ユーゼ (Yūze, since 2007)
紫乃 (Shino)
Date of birth November 16, 1978
Birthplace unknown
Date of death February 15, 2014
Bloodtype A
Years active 1997 - 2002
2007 - 2014
Current band E’m~grief~ (prior to death)
Occupation guitarist, bassist, music composer, lyricist
Instruments guitar, bass, programming

ユーゼ (Yūze, previously known as Shino 紫乃) was a guitarist and bassist and founder of the UNDER CODE PRODUCTION band E’m~grief~.


He started his career playing bass and writing songs for LA VALLIÉRE in 1997. When LA VALLIÉRE disbanded in 1998, Yūze joined CANARY to replace the previous bassist Shigure. CANARY released just one single with their renewed lineup before disbanding in 1999.
Some months later Yūze co-founded Vice†Risk, which was signed to the independent Matina label. The band had a short life and stopped activities one year after forming. Yūze followed vocalist Yayoi in La'miss†fairy, another band belonging to Matina but produced by the Tōkyō branch Eternal. The fate of La'miss†fairy wasn't dissimilar to his previous project: the band managed to release just one single before disbanding in early 2002. In the meantime Yūze was occasionally seen playing bass in the ∀NTI FEMINISM session band lead by former THE DEAD P☆P STARS member KENZI. After that he seemed to had left the music scene.
In 2007 Yūze resurfaced as the support bassist of vocalist Juka and THE PIASS. One year later he became a guitarist and founded E’m~grief~ with Cecir, another support member of Juka's solo project.


On April 4, 2014, it was announced that Yūze had passed away on February 15, 2014. No cause of death was determined. A flower offering ceremony was held for him on April 26 at Birth SHINJUKU, and the members of Yūze's previous bands were present.

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