AKA #Lost World
Status indies, active
Years 2015-present
Genres Rock
Related F1rst MiX's
Website OHP
Youtube Channel

#ロストワールド (#Lost World) are a visual kei band, formed in 2015. They will make their debut at Ikebukuro EDGE on October 23, 2015. They will then commence further activities at their presents live, 幻想前夜祭-ファンタヂック・イヴ-, at Shinjuku RUIDO K4 on December 5, at which they will release their first mini-album, 幻想世界地図.





  • 2016.01.27 まほろしろくろほま~LOST WORLD ORDER / メルトリアム~
  • 2016.04.07 "第一頁 FILE:ATLANTIS「不眠古代都市~あくろのみやこ~」" (tentative name)
  • 2016.05.11 "第二頁 FILE:MW「禁止魔術目録~ねくろのまほう~」" (tentative name)
  • 2016.06.15 "第三頁 FILE:LEMURIA「仮想終了帝都~めとろのおわり~」" (tentative name)

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