Vidoll romanesque
studio EP by ヴィドール
Format CD
Release Date 2004.9.11 (ltd press)
2004.9.29 (1st press)
2004.11.17 (2nd press)
Recorded in August 2004, ARS STUDIO
Length 25 minutes
Genre alternative rock, visual rock
Catalog Number UCCD-041A (ltd press)
UCCD-041B (lst press)
UCCD-041C (2nd press)
Limited live-only (ltd press)
10,000 (first press)
Price ¥2,625
Producer ヴィドール, KISAKI
Chart peak #103 (1 week)

ロマネスクゴシック (Romanesuku Goshikku, "Romanesque Gothic") is the first mini-album released by Vidoll after replacing guitarist Ayano with Hide.
The album was released in three presses:

  • A strictly limited press that was sold at the band oneman live at Ebisu LIQUID ROOM on November 11 2004. It was released in a black and gold slipcase and featured interviews with each members and offshot pictures instead of lyrics.
  • The first press was released in a deluxe digibook case on November 29th 2004. Pictures and artwork are different from the LIQUID ROOM press.
  • The second press was released on November 17 2004 in a jewel case with new artwork and booklet.

Track listingEdit

  1. 「F」Stein to 「M」 - 5:14
    composed by ヒデ, lyrics by ジュイ, arranged by ヴィドール
  2. 人魚 - 5:14
    (Ningyo, "Siren")
    composed by ジュイ, lyrics by ジュイ, arranged by ヴィドール
  3. みれん - 5:14
    (Miren, "Regret")
    composed by ラメ, lyrics by ジュイ, arranged by ヴィドール
  4. テディ - 5:14
    (Tedi, "Teddy")
    composed by ジュイ, lyrics by ジュイ, arranged by ヴィドール
  5. サヨナラ - 5:14
    (Sayonara, "Farewell")
    composed by ヒデ, lyrics by ジュイ, arranged by ヴィドール



Produced: ヴィドール
Recording & Mixing Studio: ARS STUDIO (2004.August)
Recording Engineer: Katsuhiro Yamamoto
Guitar & Bass Technician: Ryosuke Imai (SCHECTER)
Stage PA Engineer: Masao Yamamoto (M'S AUDIO LABO)
Office Coordinate & Desk: Tomoko Kojima (UNDER CODE PRODUCTION)
Project Coordinate: Hiroyshi Seya, Yusuke Yamaguchi (UNDER CODE PRODUCTION)
Hair & Make: CHIHARU
Artist Management: Mana Nagase (UNDER CODE PRODUCTION)
Official Staff: Tomomi Hayashida, Chisato Hyotani, Sanaka Ichio, Ai Kato, Akiko Sakamoto, Sachio Fukami, Sayama Mori
Costume: ID-JAPAN
Costume Planner: Hidefumi Sato (ID-JAPAN) Costume Designer: Keiko Tamaru, Nagisa Kobayashi, Yoshimi Hayashi (ID-JAPAN)
Sales Promotion: Chisato Takano (FREE WILL)
Distribution: FREE WILL
Photographer: Takaaki Henmi, Susumu Miyawaki
Graphic Designer: Aki Okamura (KSl)


Singles extractedEdit

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