Spelling ヴァリル
プロジェクト ヴァリル
Status indies, disbanded
Origin Tokyo
Years 2014-2016
Genres Metal
Labels unsigned
Related -VeiL-
Website OHP
Youtube channel

ヴァリル (varyl) originally began activities as a session band on January 14, 2014. They debuted as an official band on July 27 at Ikebukuro EDGE, releasing their first one-coin single, Shinen no Hate. They are based on the concept, Vanitas, Release, Lament, which symbolizes the feeling and release of emotions.

The band disbanded after their oneman live at Takadanobaba AREA on January 8, 2016.


ヴァリル, fronted by ex-gossip vocalist Hiro, officially debuted on July 27, 2014 at Ikebukuro EDGE. They released their first single, Shinen no Hate, at that live.

Guitarist Rion departed from the band after their live at Ikebukuro EDGE on September 24, due to his personal reasons.

On September 10, 2015, while on his way to the studio, guitarist Juri was hospitalized for health problems, which were revealed to be symptoms of Ménière's disease, an inner ear disease that affects hearing and balance. Because of this, it was announced that Juri would depart from the band and retire on January 8, 2016. However, according to his father, these problems gradually became worse, and Juri was forced to depart early on September 16. Despite this statement, the band has not yet confirmed Juri's departure, as they would like Juri himself to have the final word on whether or not he will stay in the band until their dissolution.


Former membersEdit

  • 凛音 (Rion) - Guitar (2014.01.14-09.24)
    Gris Neige → ヴァリル
  • Kaie - Guitar (support) (2014.10.07-2015.02.10)
    LuzmeltVelBet → ヴァリル (support)
  • 樹璃 (Juri) - Guitar (2014.01.14-2015.09.16)
    -VeiL- → ヴァリル → (retired)



  • 2014.07.27 深淵ノ果テ (shinen no hate) (live limited)
  • 2015.01.28 哀悼 (aitou)
  • 2015.07.xx 背徳の旋律と寓意的現象 (haitoku no senritsu to guuiteki genshou)

Omnibus albumsEdit

  • 2014.12.24 DEEP MORE DEEP #2


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