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AKA Vell;ze
Spelling ヴェルゼ
Status indies, disbanded
Origin unknown
Years 200?-March 20 2009
Genres rock
Labels NumberHP
Related Reload
Website OHP

ヴェルゼ (Vell;ze) was a visual kei band formed before 2009. It was the first band of Grieva members Kyouki (Yoki) and Roku (Taku).


  • Yoki - Vocals
    → ヴェルゼ → ReloadGrieva
  • Yukito - Guitar
    → ヴェルゼ →
  • Taku - Guitar
    → ヴェルゼ → ReloadGrieva
  • Nagisa - Bass
    → ヴェルゼ →

Support membersEdit

  • Shinya - Drums
    → ヴェルゼ →

External LinksEdit

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