soundtrack by Közi
Format book+CD
Release Date 2002.12.13
Recorded in 2002
Length 33 minutes
Genre soundtrack
Catalog Number ISBN4-8401-0666-5
Price ¥2,000

Izayoi no tsuki 十六夜の月 is the soundtrack of a book written by Minako Honda. All tracks were composed and performed by Közi. Track 10 features vocals by Minako.

Track listingEdit

  1. 欠片 (Kakera)
    composed by Közi
  2. 十六夜の月 (Izayoi no tsuki)
    composed by Közi
  3. 座敷牢 (Zashikirou)
    composed by Közi
  4. 見世物小屋 (Misemono koya)
    composed by Közi
  5. 月夜 (Tsukiyo)
    composed by Közi
  6. 訪問者 (Houmonsha)
    composed by Közi
  7. 暁月夜 (Akatsuki tsukiyo)
    composed by Közi
  8. 廻る輪~記憶 (Mawaru wa~kioku)
    composed by Közi
  9. 幻夢 (Genmu)
    composed by Közi
  10. 邂逅 (Kaikou)
    composed by Közi, lyrics by Minako
  11. 邂逅 (Instrumental) (Kaikou) *track 16
    composed by Közi

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