Deshabillz hakuga
EP by Deshabillz
Format CD
Release Date 1996.06.21
Recorded in M-EPS Studio
Length 28 minutes
Genre visual rock, gothic rock, post-punk
Label M-EPS, Tears Music
Catalog Number MEP-R016
Price ¥2,427
Producer Deshabillz, 重盛美晴, 藤原靖弘

博雅の翼 (Hakuga no Tsubasa), meaning "The Wings of Knowledge" is an EP released by Deshabillz. It was released simoultaneously with the 透明繭~すかしまゆ~ EP. The first press came with an additional booklet with band photos. 静寂の花嫁 (Seijaku no hanayome) is a new version of a song from the Reste la demo tape (1993). 奴隷志願 (Dorei shigan) was also iddued in the free single 奴隷デモ、影デモイイカラ、束縛シテ欲シイアナタヘ… back in 1995. He clever would be later re-recorded for the major debut EP 冒涜喜劇. Music videos were filmed for 甘い香 (Amai kaori) and 奴隷志願 (Dorei shigan).

Track listingEdit

  1. 甘い香り - 5:44
    (Amai kaori, "Sweet Scent")
    composed by SHI-NO, lyrics by SHUN, arranged by Deshabillz
  2. 静寂の花嫁 - 5:27
    (Seijaku no hanayome, "Bride of Silence")
    composed by Deshabillz, lyrics by SHUN, arranged by Deshabillz
  3. 奴隷志願 - 5:05
    (Dorei shigan, "The Slave's Desire")
    composed by SHI-NO, lyrics by SHUN, arranged by Deshabillz
  4. He clever~能無シ達ヘ~ - 4:08
    (Nōnashitachi e, "To the Incompetents")
    composed by SHI-NO & TOSHIYUKI, lyrics by SHUN, arranged by Deshabillz
  5. 夢遊の湖 - 5:46
    (Muyū no mizūmi, "Sleepwalk Lake")
    composed by SHI-NO, lyrics by SHUN, arranged by Deshabillz
  6. 未来への疼き言 - 1:27
    (Mirai e no uzuki koto, "Painful Words toward Future")
    monologue by SHUN



Produced by Yoshiharu Shigemori & Deshabillz
Recorded & Mixed by Yoshiharu Shigemori
Recorded at M-EPS studio
Mastered by Youei Hashimoto
Mastered at Tokyo CD Center

Art Directed & Designed by Tsuyoshi Shimohata (INNING INC.)
Designed by Yumiko Inoue (INNING INC.)
Art Coordinated by Manabu Odahara (INNING INC.)
Photography : Naoki Kimura

Artist Management: Susumu Ota, Takashi Shinjoh, Kazuo Ueno
Supported by Tears Music
Exective Producer : Yasuhiro Fujiwara
Supported by Tears Music

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