存在理由~raison d'être~
Syndrome Sonzairiyuu
Demo by Syndrome
Format tape
Release Date 2001.11.23
Recorded in 2001.10.14~17
Length 12:00
Genre Gothic Rock
Label Matina
Catalog Number MTD-009
Limited 1500 copies
Price ¥1600
Producer Syndrome

存在理由~raison d'être~ (Sonzairiyuu ~raison d'être~) is the first demo tape released by Syndrome after its 2001 lineup change.

Track listingEdit

Side A:

  1. 存在理由~raison d'être~ - 1:55
    (Sonzairiyuu ~raison d'être~)
    composed by Syndrome
  2. 薔薇姫 - 5:00
    composed by Syndrome, lyrics by Syndrome

Side B:

  1. 幻の一夜 - 5:05
    (Maboroshi no ichiya)
    composed by Syndrome, lyrics by Syndrome

Lineup Edit


Recording & Mixing Engineer: Katsuhiro Yamamoto
Artist Management: Kazuyo Uotani (Matina), Yukari Yamanaka (Matina), Yuko Nakanishi (Matina), Maki Maeda (Matina)
Stage PA Engineer: Masao Yamamoto (M's AUDIO LABO), Takashi Maruyama (M's AUDIO LABO)
Stage Lighting Engineer: Tetsuya Takahashi (PITTORE)
Stage Planning: 魁, 亜紀
Guitar & Bass Enginer Repair: Tohru Namiki (ESP), Tsuyoshi Nagao (ESP), Tohru Kobayashi (ESP), Kenichi Ishii (ESP)
Voice Trainer: Ryoko Sato
Photographer: Takaaki Henmi
Costume Design: Maki Manabe (STUDIO URANUS), Wakako Hirade
Art Direction & Design: Aki Okamura
Executive Producer: KISAKI (Syndrome/Matina)

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