Heisei ishin
AKA Heisei Ishin
Spelling ヘイセイイシン
Status indies, disbanded
Origin Osaka
Years 2008.06.20~2011.02.01
December 10, 2012 (revival)
Genres Pop rock
Electronic rock
Related Anjyu'
Website OHP

平成維新 (heisei ishin; Heisei Restoration) were a visual kei band under UNDER CODE PRODUCTION. formed in June of 2008; Their music had a sound of rock, with pop and electronic influences, and like most UNDER CODE bands, they followed their concept of SECOND CULTURE.


2010-2011: Disbandment and the death of TakuEdit

In July 2010, it was announced that Heisei Ishin would be leaving Under Code on September 30th after their graduation event titled "ENDLESS VOYAGE" on September 28th at Osaka BIG CAT. To commemorate the graduation, a best of album titled REVOLUTIONS was released on September 15th. On November 30th it was announced through YUKKIE's blog that they would be disbanding after their performance at UNDER CODE's new year count down event at Tokyo Kinema Club on December 31st.

Before the group disbanded, a shocking announcement was made; vocalist Taku had passed away on December 10th 2010. The reason of his death was never made public and there was a flower offering ceremony held on February 1st, 2011.

2012: One day revival and 拓 MEMORIAL DAY concertEdit

To mark the second anniversary of Taku's death, Heisei Ishin held a memorial concert for their vocalist on December 10, 2012. Guests included N@H (formed by Heisei Ishin members YUKKIE and Rai), debuting band Oneness (Rai's brother Syuma's band), Carat, FUTURISM・BOYZ, Nega, and Enya Tomoyuki (bassist for 12012), who performed with a support band. During the memorial, they performed their own songs and covers of Heisei Ishin songs.

Heisei Ishin was the main act for the event, and for vocals, they mostly performed with Taku's recorded voice, but later on, his brother Kinari was there to perform vocals. According to the members, Kinari's vocals and physical movements were similar to his brother's.





  • [2008.09.03] Phantom
  • [2008.09.03] Shelter
  • [2009.04.15] explosion
  • [2009.07.19] Ruru (縷々-るる-)
  • [2010.04.21] Prism.

Compilation albumsEdit

  • [2010.09.15] REVOLUTIONS

Omnibus albumsEdit

  • [2008.10.22] JUDGEMENT #004
  • [2009.03.04] The End of Missing
  • [2010.02.24] Yougenkyou ~amethyst~ (妖幻鏡~アメジスト~)
  • [2013.03.14] High Style Paradox 2003~2013


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