album by BABYLON
Format CD
Release Date 2008.06.25
Genre Rock
Label TEMPLE music entertainment
Catalog Number TMP-022
Price ¥3,150

Track listingEdit

  1. Territory on psychedelicer
  2. 空に消えた砂時計
    (Sora ni kieta sunadokei)
  3. 夏儚
  4. Lilly
  5. 分け合う眼~a past of eyes~
    (Wakeau me)
  6. Cherry lover
  7. 想紅夜
  8. 少年の詩
    (Shounen no uta)
  9. No no sick 神風 (ALBUM MIX)
    (No no sick Kamikaze)
  10. 螺旋の風吹く丘の上
    (Rasen no kaze fuku oka no ue)


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