single by MAJOLICA
Format CD
Release Date June 16, 2014
Recorded in studio ADAM
Length 5:03
Genre Rock
Label Virgin AIR Entertainment
Catalog Number ADAM-002
Limited Live-limited (2nd press)
300 copies (1st press)
Price 540 yen

春時雨 is the first demo single of visual kei band MAJOLICA, being called the "0th single". The one-coin single later got a second press release on September 30, 2014, yet it was only available at live venues and Starwave Records' official webshop.

Track listingEdit

  1. 春時雨 - 5:03
    composed by Haren, lyrics by 京平


  • Vocal: 京平
  • Guitar: hisana
  • Guitar: ルル
  • Bass: Haren
  • Drums: 那池


  • MAJOLICA 0th single 春時雨
  • executive producer: EMIRU
  • M1「春時雨」
    • 作詞: 京平
    • 作曲: Haren
    • 編曲: Haren
    • Produced by MAJOLICA
  • Recorded & Pro Tools Edited: EMIRU
  • Recorded at: studio ADAM (EMIRU's private studio)
  • Mixed Engineer: EMIRU
  • Mixed STUDIO: studio ADAM
  • Mastering Engineer: EMIRU
  • Mastering STUDIO: studio ADAM
  • Chorus & Strings Arrangement: EMIRU
  • Cover Design: EMIRU
  • Artist Promotion: MAJOLICA & Virgin AIR Entertainment

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