Real name unknown
Aliases 氷牙 (Hyouga)
朱韋 (Shui)
Date of birth October 16th
Birthplace Yamagata prefecture
Bloodtype AB
Years active 200? - 2013
Current band [retired]
Occupation bassist
Instruments bass
Website Official Blog

氷牙 (Hyouga) was a bassist who played in the UNDER CODE PRODUCTION band Megaromania. He retired from the visual kei scene on October 23, 2013 after participating in his last session band, "MegaCin".


Band historyEdit

  • Mislead - unknown
  • 焔 (Homura) - August 9 2004 ~ February 27 2008
  • Megaromania - March 2008 ~ July 31 2013

Session BandsEdit

  • 氷牙-hyoga- session band - Hyoga's session band who performed at the Megaromania event, 「Kindling of creation」 on July 2nd 2011 at Shibuya STAR LOUNGE to play songs from their then-upcoming mini-album, Quintessence Voyage. Lineup consisted of Hyoga on bass, jojo (ギャロ) on vocals, Shutaro (Gakido) and Rio (Secilia Luna) on guitars, and TOSSY (Gakido) on drums.
  • MegaCin (メガシン) - Session band featuring former members of Megaromania and CindyKate who performed at Ikebukuro CYBER on October 23, 2013. Hyoga held a "talk show" press conference with moderator and guitarist Otake, and later retired from the visual kei scene afterwards. Lineup included YU-I (ex-CindyKate) on vocals, Chikage (ex-Megaromania) and Otake (ex-CindyKate) on guitar, Hyoga on bass, and Yushi (ex-Megaromania) on drums
  • yo-ka solo band - Hyoga will participate in DIAURA vocalist yo-ka's special solo band on August 13, 2014, at Saitama Kaikan HALL.




with Edit

with MegaromaniaEdit

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