Venue CCLemon
Location Shibuya, Tōkyō
Years active 1964 - present
Capacity 2,084 people
(previously 2,318)
Address 渋谷区宇田川町 1-1
Shibuya-ku Udagawachō 1-1

渋谷公会堂 (Shibuya Kōkaidō) is a concert hall located in Shibuya, Tōkyō.
It was built in 1964 as the meeting place of the Summer Olympics weightlifting competitions and opened for other events in 1965. In 2006 the hall was renewed and changed its name into C.C.Lemonホール (C.C. Lemon Hall).
It's a famous hall in the visual kei scene for having hosted important concerts of popular bands since the 80's. Playing a concert at C.C. Lemon Hall is one of the most common dreams of indies bands, and countless live DVD's have been recorded there including X JAPAN's BLUE BLOOD Tour Bakuhatsu GIG, LUNA SEA's IMAGE or REAL, MALICE MIZER's sans retour Voyage "derniere" ~encoure une fois~, the GazettE's STANDING TOUR 2005 FINAL「M.R.D」 and, more recently, Versailles' CHATEAU DE VERSAILLES.

Hall dataEdit

CCLemon 2
  • Overall capacity: 2,084 people (previously 2,318)
  • First floor seats: 1,235 (previously 1,352)
  • Second floor seats: 849 (previously 966)
  • Building area: 2,141.82 square metres
  • Total area: 8,150.53 square metres
  • Stage length: 20 metres
  • Stage depth: 14 metres
  • Stage height: 8 metres
  • Stories: 4
  • Dressing rooms: 5
  • Reharsal rooms: 1
  • Dining hall capacity: 350 people

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