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Kaya Hyakki
EP by Kaya (solo project)
Format CD
Release Date 2007.07.11
Recorded in 2007, Studio KS Unlimited
Length 24 minutes
Genre Darkwave, Synthpop
Label トロイメライ (Traumerei)
Catalog Number TK-05
Price ¥ 2,500
Producer Kaya
For information about the GazettE video release , see 百鬼夜行 (the GazettE).

百鬼夜行 (Hyakki yagyou) is an EP released by Kaya in Summer 2007. It's a concept album sharing the theme of the night and japanese folk tales and mythology.

Track listingEdit

  1. 桜花~百鬼乱舞編~ - 5:07
    (Ouka ~hyakkiranpuhen~)
    composed by 菓留夢 (KALM), lyrics by 迦夜 (Kaya)
  2. 鏡鬼 - 4:26
    (Kagami oni)
    composed by 菓留夢 (KALM), lyrics by 迦夜 (Kaya)
  3. 般若 - 5:16
    composed by 博 (Hiroshi), lyrics by 迦夜 (Kaya)
  4. 傀儡 - 5:43
    composed by 菓留夢 (KALM), lyrics by 迦夜 (Kaya)
  5. 火車 - 4:15
    composed by 箕島正佳 (箕島マサヨシ), lyrics by 迦夜 (Kaya)


  • Kaya - vocals
  • Kei Suzuki - programming, arrangements


Recording, mixing and mastering studio - Studio KS Unlimited
Recording and mastering engineer - Kei Suzuki
Total Produced by Kaya

Singles extractedEdit

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