Real name ゎたぁめ真白 (Wataame Mashiro)
Aliases 真白 (Mashiro)
Date of birth June 20th 1987
Birthplace Osaka
Bloodtype A
Years active 200?-present
Current band MASH AND SEY
Occupation vocalist
Instruments vocals
Website Blog


真白 (Mashiro) is the current vocalist of the project, MASH AND SEY, alongside his longtime bandmate, Sei. He has also sung for himeyuri, Paradeis, and VOW.

Band HistoryEdit

Session bandsEdit

  • ましROCK BAND (mashi-ROCK BAND) - Session band lead by Mashiro, who performed at Shinsaibashi soma on August 24, 2014. Lineup includes Mashiro on vocals, Rei (Toy'S Army, ex-Called≠Plan) and Ao (ex-Paradeis, ShakingSpeaker) on guitars, and Mifuyu (The:Ø roadie) on drums. They also distributed a live-limited single, 桃色物語 (momoiro monogatari), at that live on the same day.




with himeyuriEdit

  • 2006.10.19 - ~Liles cafe~
  • 2007.02.14 - Hoshizora Palette
  • 2007.12.14 - Miracle☆Parappareido

with PaRADEiSEdit

  • [2008.06.04] "Pandora no Hako"
  • [2009.07.02] "Nokosareta kakera no gikyoku"
  • [2009.04.22] "Osanaki futago no himitsu"
  • [2009.08.26] "Senjou to Rakuen"
  • [2009.11.11] "Onigokko"
  • [2010.07.07] "LoLli★Lollipop"
  • [2010.09.15] "Yumekujira"
  • [2011.6.6] Himitsu
  • [2011.11.30] Sozo Enogu

with VOWEdit

  • 2013.03.20 ロンリーラビット (Lonely Rabbit)
  • 2013.06.5 眠れる祈り (Nemureru inori)
  • 2014.03.26 Devil's Kiss
  • 2014.10.01 僕だけのセーラ(bokudake no sarah; Only My Sarah)

with MASH AND SEY Edit

  • 2015.01.28 僕は死んだ。(Boku wa Shinda)
  • 2015.06.03 We are ましゅせい!! (We are MASH AND SEY!!)

External LinksEdit

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