Aliases 美景 (Mikage)
Date of birth March 12
Bloodtype B
Years active 1999~Present
Current band chariots
Occupation Drummer
Instruments Drums
美景(Mikage or Bikei) (Born March 12 1980) is a drummer that was involved with a large amount of bands since 1999 as a support drummer in many solo projects, such as KISAKI PROJECT, HIZAKI grace project, and more recently, Juka's solo project. He is also known as the drummer of VII-Sense. He is currently in the band chariots.


Mikage's first band was Eze:quL, which was active from 1999 to 2001 approximately. After their disbandment Mikage provided support drums for KISAKI PROJECT, 妃&関西貴族 and Schwardix Marvally (where he collaborated with HIZAKI for the first time).
In 2004 he joined R.E.D. and released only a single with them before ceasing activities. On March 15th 2005 he joined BABYLON (lead by Misa from such bands as Aioria, Da'vid shito:aL), but on June 11th he was forced to leave due to ear infection. His last collaboration with BABYLON took place at a oneman concert on November 29th 2005 (released on DVD) where he temporarily joined the band as support drummer.
In the meantime he collaborated with HIZAKI again recording drum parts for Mizerable (from the Dance with grace EP).
In Fall 2006 Mikage formed a new band called 2:35 (弐月ノ参拾伍日) and also joined HIZAKI grace project.
In 2007 Mikage kept on playing with HIZAKI grace project and also toured with Juka as a support member of his solo project.

Band HistoryEdit

As a support memberEdit


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