AKA らせん
Spelling ラセン
Status indies, disbanded
Origin Osaka
Years 1997-1998
Genres Kotekei
Post-punk rock
Goth rock
Labels unsigned

螺旋 (Rasen) were an all-female visual kei band, formed in May 1997. Being an underground female band, they were only around for a short period of time, releasing only a few demotapes before disbanding in 1998. Recently, they were featured in a omnibus album from the label, Mafina (not to be confused with Matina) in 2012.


  • (nagi) - Vocals
    → 螺旋
  • (kei) - Guitar
    → 螺旋
  • (aya) - Bass
    → 螺旋
  • (rei) - Drums
    → 螺旋


Demo tapesEdit

  • 1997.xx 四人目ニ生マレタ精神分裂症ナル胎児へ (Shi hitome ni sei mareta seishin bunretsu shou naru taiji he)
  • 1997.xx 繭 (mayu)
  • 1997.xx 孵化 (fuka)
  • 1997.xx Hysterical Noi「z」e / Like「M」
  • 1998.xx xaxaxxxa
  • 1998.xx 殺戮 (satsuriku)
  • 1998.xx 玩具箱 (gangubako)

Omnibus albumsEdit

  • 2012.11.30 Mafina PRESENTS Tour "ハ・ラ・ワ・レ・タ・ト・キ" style 2012 Disc of frisbee


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