AKA La;Cen-zhow.
Spelling ラセンジョウ
Status indies, disbanded
Origin Kyushu
Years 2004-2009
Genres Rock
Website OHP (archived)

螺旋錠 (La;Cen-zhow.) were a visual kei band, formed in April 2005 by vocalist Sutari. They disbanded after their last live at Nagahama CB on May 24, 2009.


螺旋錠, or alternately known as La;Cen-zhow, was first formed by vocalist Sutari in April 2005. On July 30, 2005, the band, with only Sutari and presumably some support members, debuted at Tenjin HEART BEAT, where a band competition was being held. Guitarist Loki, who would later be the sole composer and lyricist of the band, would join later in October, and La;Cen-zhow. officially began activities. They would finish off the rest of the year at the sponsored live event, The birth of little devil, at Fukuoka DRUM LOGOS on December 24.

La;Cen-zhow. would later participate in the Dual:Ark sponsored event, 異色妖艶舞台劇~弐, on February 18, 2006 at Yakuin BEAT STATION. They then held their own sponsored event, 狂奏死覚劇 at Tenjin HEART BEAT, and released their first demo, Reality, for free. Another demo, 傷痕, was also freely distributed to attendees at their live on June 18.


  • 廃-sutari- - Vocals (2005.04-2009.05.24)
    → 螺旋錠
  • 楼妃-loki- - Guitar (2005.10-2009.05.24)
    → 螺旋錠 → Anima
  • オキ (oki) - Guitar (support) (2008.05.03-2009.05.24)
    Be-lieL → 螺旋錠
  • 悠兎-yuto- - Bass (support) (2008.06.14-2009.05.24)
    Viper → 螺旋錠

Former membersEdit

  • 猟-ryo- - Bass (2006.09.30?-2008.06.01)
    → 螺旋錠 →
  • 羅威-lie- - Drums (2005?)
    → 螺旋錠 →

Former support membersEdit



  • 2007.06.20 過誤-kago- (limited 200 copies)
  • 2008.04.30 アカクロネコ (limited 300 copies)
  • 2009.04.12 開かずのトビラ


  • 2007.09.22 Mad+Stic Spiral Mind (with Madieduor)

Demo tapesEdit

  • 2006.04.08 Reality (live-distributed)
  • 2006.06.18 "傷痕"Demo var. (live-distributed)
  • 2006.?? Reality/傷痕 (free distribution)


  • 2008.07.15 狂奏死覚劇 (live-distributed)

Omnibus albumsEdit

  • 2007.03.29 "麗しき獣達の狂奏"第一楽章
  • 2008.07.23 SOUND OF CLOWN

Omnibus videosEdit

  • 2008.10.22 VISION OF CLOWN

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