Versailles KakumeiNoAnthology
DVD by Versailles
Format DVD
Release Date 2009.05.18
Length 7 minutes
Label Sherow Artist Society
Price free
革命のアンソロジー(Kakumei no Anthology) was a DVD sampler featuring a preview of ASCENDEAD MASTER and CHATEAU DE VERSAILLES. It was released as a live present to the people who attend to the Kakumei no Anthology events in May an June 2009.

Tour datesEdit

  • 2009.05.18 Sapporo KRAPS HALL
  • 2009.05.20 Sendai HOOK
  • 2009.05.22 Shibuya BOXX
  • 2009.05.26Shinjuku RUIDO K4
  • 2009.06.08 OSAKA MUSE
  • 2009.06.09 Nagoya ell.FITS ALL
  • 2009.06.13 Ikebukuro CYBER
  • 2009.06.16 Takadanobaba AREA


  1. ASCENDEAD MASTER (trailer)

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