AKA Kuro Pie
Spelling クロピエ
Status indies, inactive
Years 2000
Genres Visual rock
Labels R.S.C.
Related Pleur

黒ピエ (Kuro Pie) was Pietoro's short lived solo project. During Da'vidノ使徒:aL's run, this character was created as an antagonist who represented reality, in comparison to Pietoro's character, who represented fantasy.


In the days of Da'vidノ使徒:aL, Kuro Pie was inspired by Pietoro's fascination with the Joker. This character would occassionally appear on stage in the live concerts of Da'vidノ使徒:aL and Pleur. During Pleur's concerts, the band would play as Kuro Da'vidノ使徒:aL and cover Da'vid songs, as Yukiya from JILS would sing Da'vid bassist Misa's part.

On the same day as Pleur's last release, Kuro Pie released his own single, Akuma Racing. He then disappeared from the music scene afterwards.




  • 2000.10.16 悪魔レーシング (Akuma Racing)


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