Single by Kiryu
Format CD
Release Date 06.05.2009
Genre Rock

AKAKU CHIRU BOKU NO AO (朱ク散ル僕ノ蒼(あかくちるぼくのあお); The Red Is Blurring My Blueis the 2nd single by the Japanese Visual Kei band, Kiryu released May 6th, 2009. It was released in two different types.


  1. AKAKU CHIRU BOKU NO AO ((朱ク散ル僕ノ蒼(あかくちるぼくのあお); The Red Is Blurring My Blue)
  2. SAKURAGARAMI (桜絡ミ(さくらがらみ); Entangled Cherry Blossoms)
  3. KUON NO KANATA (久遠ノ彼方(くおんのかなた); Beyond Eternity) 

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