ANOTHER SIDE (アナザーサイド) is a single by the Japanese Visual Kei band, Kiryu released July 2nd,2008 in two different singles.


  1. ANOTHER SIDE (アナザーサイド)
  2. HAKUDAKU SESHI CHOU (白濁セシ蝶(はくだくせしちょう);???)
  3. Yuukaku (遊郭(ゆうかく); Red-Light District)
  4. ITOSHIKU MO SETSUNAI HONO AMAKU AEGU SONO KOE WO...(愛シクモ切ナイ仄甘ク喘グ其ノ声ヲ…(いとしくもせつないほのあまくあえぐそのこえを…);That Beautiful, Nostalgic and Gently Sweet Breathly Voice )

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