Aesthetic Violence
Aesthetic KAMIJO
DVD by Versailles
Format DVD
Release Date 2007.12.12
Label Provence Esthetique, Sherow Artist Society
Catalog Number SSBX-2301

SSBX-2303 SSBX-2305 SSBX-2307 SSBX-2309

Price ¥5.800
Set of five different perfumes released by Provence Esthetique. Each fragrance was produced by a member of Versailles and features a small necklace made to be filled with the perfume.

The set includes a bonus DVD featuring an interview with the member who produced the perfume and a digest live video from the event that took place at Shibuya O-EAST on August 31st 2007. The background music of the digest clip is the studio version of Shout & Bites.


  • Louis [KAMIJO produce]
  • Princess Stairs [HIZAKI produce]
  • B.P.T [TERU producer]
  • Elegant Jasmine [Jasmine You producer
  • Dark Master [YUKI produce]


  • Shout & Bites (Live Club)
    at 2007.8.31 SHIBUYA O-EAST ~The Red Carpet Day~
  • Special Interview


  • Vocals: KAMIJO
  • Guitar: HIZAKI
  • Guitar: TERU
  • Bass: Jasmine You
  • Drums: YUKI
  • Produced by KAMIJO/HIZAKI/TERU/Jasmine You/YUKI Motoshi Natsuno (Cure) Yasushiro Fujiwara (Tears Music Co., Ltd.)

Directed by KAMIJO Yasushiro Fujiwara (Tears Music Co., Ltd.) Sadao Deguchi (WING PROD) Takatoshi Makino (BURNS) Atsuko Abe (Cure)

Video Director: Takuya Machida (Sherow Artist Society) Art Director: wait A minutes (Sherow Artist Society) Recorded Engineer: Tsukasa Okamoto (innig recording hostelry), Tetsuya, Tochigi (bazooka studio) Mix Engineer: Tsukasa Okamoto (innig recording hostelry) Recording & Mix Studios: APPLAUSE RECORDS STUDIO, bazooka studio Mastering Engineer: Yukio Kobashi (Heart Beat Recording Studio) Mastering Studio: Heart Beat Recording Studio Room B

Hair & Make-up: Nakamura, Matsumoto (Apt) Costume Design: Sawako Sato (ID-JAPAN) Costume Supervisor: Hidefumi Sato (ID-JAPAN) Costume Production: ID-JAPAN C.C.P Photographer: Takaaki Henmi

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