Aliene Ma'riage (spelled as Aliene Maφriage on some album arts and previously known as autism) were one of the most popular bands of the KEY PARTY label. They have been active in the late 1990's and had several one night revivals in recent years.

Aliene Ma'riage
AKA Aliene Maφriage
au†ism (1997 - 1998.3)
Spelling アリエネマリアージュ
Status indies, disbanded
Origin Tokyo, Osaka (1997-1998)
Years 1997 - 2001.05.11
2005.5.3, 2009.9.22, 2011.5.20, 2011.11.27, 2012.3.31, 2012.4.1, 2014.3.21
Genres Industrial Rock (2000-2001)
Visual Rock
Gothic Rock/Post-punk
Related Kyoka, MAST, Ray, MIL
Fanclub La matinée


autism were a local band in the Kansai (Kobe and Osaka) area formed in mid-to-late 1997. At that time they were playing locally in small live clubs and released only a demo tape that was limited to a few dozen copies (the tracks will be remastered in the Alienation BOX). Spotted by the visual kei independent label KEY PARTY, they moved to Tokyo and reformed as Aliene Ma'riage in March 1998.

After playing a few secret gigs they held their official first live at Shinjuku LOFT on June 27th. In August they released their first demo tape which sold out instantly. In October they started working on their first album planned to be released at the end of the year, but recording was postponed a few times due to musical differences between Kyouka and Ray.

Their first oneman was held at Ikebukuro CYBER in January 1999 and their debut album "Les Soirée" was eventually released at the end of May. Limited to 10,000 copies, it came in a clock shaped package that sold out so quickly that a re-recorded edition was released two months later in July. On May 30th they also played at the famous hall Shibuya Public Hall as one of the main acts of the KEY PARTY sponsored event HOLD YOUR KEY. After a series of other live events, they ended the year with two oneman gigs at Shibuya O-WEST on October 22nd and Shibuya O-EAST on December 26th.

In April 2000 Aliene Ma'riage started their first national oneman tour Senrei no Shou 洗礼の章. They then started recording new material for a single release, but members kept disagreeing on the direction to take. In the meantime they played at HOLD YOUR KEY 2000 at the Hibiya Outdoor Theater, which would be their biggest stage ever. Their first single Ma'ria was eventually released in August and promoted with a KEY PARTY national tour featuring most bands from the label. In October they held two consecutive oneman concerts at Shibuya O-WEST to celebrate the opening of their fanclub La Matinée. For these gigs the band showcased their new look which was much simpler and toned down compared to their trademark baroque appearance.

In 2001 the band slowed down their activities and stop play live. At the beginning of the year all members released a solo mini-album each and in March their second full album 21st century was released. As the KEY PARTY label was going downhill due to financial reasons the album got little promotion and a smaller distribution, and around the same time Aliene Ma'riage members announced they would disband after a oneman show at Meguro Rockmaykan on May 11th. Kyouka would start the session band Cupid, while the other two members would remain silent for a while. About a year after Aliene Ma'riage disbanded Ray started Vinett with other former KEY PARTY musicians, while MAST stayed away from the music scene until 2004 when he formed MIL (Ray would help as a support member).

Aliene Ma'riage came back on stage in 2005 at the KEY PARTY one night revival event HOLD YOUR KEY 2005. In 2011 and 2012 they took new promotional pictures and played a few times live, but no permanent revival was decided. They then came back one more time on March 21st 2014 for the mourning event of MIRAGE drummer AYAME. MAST and Ray formed Dead Children together in 2015, but the band lasted only about one year. Ray now plays as a support member for non-visual kei artists, while Kyouka is a member of Insanity Injection.

Lineup Edit

Aliene member 1 狂華 (Kyouka)

デジールDespair → Aliene Ma'riage → KyokaCupidChaos SystemNative DevilDeflina Ma'riageChaos System → DROSERA OBLAAT.  → Pink-Tribal → Insanity Injection

Aliene member 2 MAST

→ Aliene Ma'riage, Noir fleurir (support) → MASTMILNative Devil仏滅ヘッドロックDropStarShooting (support), function code(); (support) → Louder  → VABeLDead ChildrenMOB

Aline member 3 Ray
Bass, Chorus
→ Aliene Ma'riage → RayVinettMIL (support) → ネガ/PERESTROIKA → Dead Children → NOW (support)

Former MembersEdit



AM Soiree
Les Soirée 夜の舞踏会/洗礼の章~生誕篇


  1. 序章『絶命』~神々の不在
  2. 撲『しもべ』
  3. 夜の舞踏会~ル・ソワレ
  4. 精神隔離症の『』と夢遊症の『』
  5. 禁・ジラレタ思考回路
  6. 古の愛物語~エンドレス
  7. SUICIDE~洗礼の章 傀儡人形~
  8. Mannequin (Bonus Track)


AM Soireeb
Les Soirée 夜の舞踏会/断罪の章~神罰篇


  1. 神罰篇~神々の審判
  2. 夜の舞踏会~ル・ソワレ
  3. 罪と罰(棄てられた記憶)
  4. 禁・ジラレタ思考回路
  5. 精神隔離症の『』と夢遊症の『』
  6. 撲『しもべ』
  7. 『虐』~呪ワレタオルゴールノ中デXXX~
  8. 古の愛物語~エンドレス
  9. SUICIDE~洗礼の章


AM 21
21st century


  1. 荒廃(World Wide Waste)
  2. B.I.S(Balmy Illegal Society)
  4. 降臨
  5. Native Devil
  6. Divine the future from the stars
  7. Deadly sin(七つの大罪)
  8. Under the Rose leaf
  9. サイバーパトロールを打ち落とせ


AM ma
live album


  1. SUICIDE α~精神異常者の脳内麻薬~
  2. 僕『しもべ』
  3. revive(殺意)
  4. Virgin Mary
  5. 禁・ジラレタ思考回路
  6. 罪と罰(棄てられた記憶)
  7. エンドレス
  8. 『虐』~呪ワレタオルゴールノ中デ~
  9. 毒の華
  10. 夜の舞踏会~ル・ソワレ


  • Recorded at Shibuya ON AIR WEST on October 27th and 28th 2000.
  • CD-R package.


Aliene singl1
Les Soirée 完結篇


  1. 罪と罰(棄てられた記憶) / 呪縛鏡 / BURST


  • Bonus single attached to their first photobook. Features a medley of re-recordings of some of their demo tape songs.
Aliene singl2


  1. Virgin Mary
  2. α~精神異常者の脳内麻薬~
  3. revive (殺意)
  4. 「M」 (first press secret track)
  5. 蝕 (second press secret track)


  • Their only single to receive national distribution.
  • Music by Ray and MAST, lyrics by 狂華. Arranged by SHINOVI SHINOZAKI.
  • First press with golden package limited to 10,000 copies.
  • Second press with bonus track limited to 10,000 copies.
Aliene singl3
La Matinée
free single


  1. La Matinée
  2. FEAR
  3. 毒の華


  • Freebie for fanclub members.

Demo tapesEdit

demo tape


  1. 罪と罰
  2. マネキン


  • Limited to a few units and released independently as "autism".
  • Both songs re-released as a part of the Alienation BOX in 2001.
LAREINE Aliene demo 1
demo tape


  1. 絶命
  2. BURST
  3. 呪縛鏡
  4. エンドレス
  5. マネキン (Limited Edition)


  • Music by Aliene Ma'riage, lyrics by 狂華. Arranged by SHINOVI SHINOZAKI.
  • Initially limited to 3,000 copies. As about 8,000 reservations were received 5,000 additional copies were pressed.
Aliene demo 2


  1. 夜の舞踏会(異形のマリア)
  2. 呪ワレタオルゴールノ中デ~


  • Exclusive free bonus for people who attended their oneman live at Shibuya ON AIR EAST.
  • Outtakes from the MANNEQUIN demo tapes.


Aliene tape 1


  • Limited to 10,000 copies.
  • Digest videotape with live scenes from several concerts and backstage.
La Matinée Reel.One/Reel.Two
fanclub only live VHS


La Matinée Reel.One
  1. SUICIDE~洗礼の章
  2. α~精神異常者の脳内麻薬~
  3. 僕『しもべ』
  4. 禁・ジラレタ思考回路
  5. エンドレス

La Matinée Reel.Two

  1. Virgin Mary
  2. 罪と罰(棄てられた記憶)
  3. 毒の華
  4. SUICIDE~洗礼の章


  • Set of two VHS with songs from their concerts at Shibuya ON AIR WEST on October 27th and 28th 2000.
Aliene tape 2
fanclub only VHS


  1. revive (殺意)
  2. Virgin Mary
  3. SUICIDE~洗礼の章
  4. BURST
Aliene tape 3
fanclub only VHS


  1. 撲~しもべ~ (Music Video)
Alienation BOX
fanclub only boxset


VHS Tracklist
  1. レア&シークレットライヴ映像集1998
  2. 全国印ストアイベントツアー・フィルム集
  3. プロも・ビデオ&写真集メイキング・フィルム集
  4. アリエネマリアージュTV出演&NGフィルム集
  5. レア&シークレットライヴ映像集2000

CD Tracklist

  1. 罪と罰
  2. マネキン


  • Set of five videotapes with rare live videos and behind the scenes footage.
  • Comes with official merchandise and tracks from the first autism demo tape.

Omnibus albumsEdit

Omnibus videosEdit

References Edit

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