Spelling ブラムハニー
Status indies, active
Origin Tokyo, Kantō
Years 2008 - present
1995 - 2000
Genres Industrial Rock
Labels Darkest Labyrinh (2008-)
NIPPON CROWN (1999-2000)
Explosion Works (1995-1999)


BLAM HONEY started in 1995, when RYONAI came across TATSUYA, a vocalist from a local band called ViRTUE PSYCHO MARE. Sharing the same musical visions, they decided to withdraw from their current bands, and thus 'industrial gender unit' Blam Honey was spawned. BLAM HONEY went on spreading their sound through live shows, but were eager to start working on an album. For this reason RYONAI hired Takeshi Fujita (of the band DOOM) as a producer and in 1998 the first album Grandiose Delusion and maxi single Artificial Delusion were released. In 1999 BLAM HONEY dropped their indies status and announced the release of their major debut album, Typical Ingeniousness -suggest- on the major Japanese record label NIPPON CROWN. Following the release of their first major album, BLAM HONEY had a series of successful lives where they distributed for free a 1000 copies limited edition CD titled THE OTHER SIDE OF ELECTRONIC BRAIN. In October 2000, after 5 years together as a unit, RYONAI and TATSUYA disbanded as BLAM HONEY, due to both having serious illnesses. RYONAI resumed BLAM HONEY in 2008 and planned the release of a memorial album to mourn the death of TATSUYA, who died of acute leukemia in 2004.

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