AKA 血と包帯
Spelling セル
Status indies, hiatus
Origin Tokyo
Years 2012.07.13 - 2015.01.18 (hiatus)
Genres alternative rock
Labels SPARK
Related La'Mule
Website OHP
CELL (セル) is a visual kei band, formed by Kon, from the band NightingeiL in May 2012.
CELL - STRANDING~shinkeisuijakusaibou~ PV05:10

CELL - STRANDING~shinkeisuijakusaibou~ PV


The band was formed by 紺 (Kon), from the Visual Kei band NightingeiL , in May 2012. CELL also performs at live events under the name 血と包帯(Chi to Houtai). Shortly after forming, it was announced that the band would go on a 5-consecutive month one-man event series, and release a 1 track single per live, and that an album was due to be released in December of 2012. The album was eventually postponed after it was announced that MASATO left the band due to health problems on October 20th.

At their presents live at NAGOYA HOLIDAY NEXT on November 28, 2014, the band announced that they will take a hiatus after their oneman live, "星に願いを…" (hoshi ni negai wo...) at Ikebukuro EDGE on January 18, 2015.


Former MembersEdit



  • 2015.04.10 For You... (digital single)

Live Distributed SinglesEdit


  • 2014.10.26 Infinite (with ) (live-limited)

DVD SinglesEdit

Live DVDsEdit

Omnibus albumsEdit

  • 2013.07.03 hide TRIBUTE II -Visual SPIRITS-

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