Versailles ChateaudeVersaillesJUBILEE
DVD by Versailles
Format DVD
Release Date 2011.12.21
Recorded in 2010.09.04 DISC 1

2010.04.30 DISC 2

Length 1:46:38
Genre Live DVD
Label Warner Music Japan
Catalog Number WPBL-90165 (Japan Edition)

WPBL-90167 (World Edition)

Price ¥5,000 (Japan Edition)

¥3,980 (World Edition)

Chart peak #103
First major live DVD release. Features live footage from the concert "World Tour 2010 -Method of Inheritance-" Grand Final CHATEAU DE VERSAILLES, held at Shibuya C.C. Lemon Hall on September 4th 2010. It was the last concert of the world tour supporting the release of JUBILEE. Bassist MASASHI was announced as an official member of Versailles during the encore.

The limited edition comes with a second disc featuring additional footage from the tour. However, most of the footage of the two DVD's had been previously broadcasted on WOWOW and released as a bonus DVD in the Philia and DESTINY limited editions.

First press copies came with a ticket that could be exchanged with a signed poster at the concerts of the Reincarnation tour in January 2012.


DISC 1 [World Edition]Edit

Sibuya C.C.Lemon Hall 2010.09.04

  1. [Opening] Sound in Gate
  2. God Palace
  3. Ascendead Master
  4. Rosen Schwert
  5. Amorphous
  7. Reminiscence
  8. Desert Apple
  9. Catharsis
  10. 愛と哀しみのノクターン
  11. 月下香
  12. Aristocrat's Symphony
  13. Sympathia
  14. DESTINY -The Lovers-
  15. Serenade
  16. The Revenant Choir

DISC 2 [Japan Edition]Edit

Tokyo JCB Hall 2010.04.30

  1. 愛と哀しみのノクターン
  2. 月下香
  3. Amorphous
  4. Ascendead Master
  5. Serenade
  6. God Palace

Extra Features

  • World Tour footage[2010 Latin America Tour & 2011.6 EU Tour]
-The Umbrella of Glass / Serenade
  • World Tour "Holy Grail"Promotion Clip


  • Art Direction & Design: TERU
  • Art Coordination: Koh Sashi & Chieko Suga (KOH DESIGN)
  • Photography: Takaaki Henmi
  • Hair & Make-Up: Eriko Matsumoto (ATP)
  • Products Coordination: Tetsuya Watanabe (Warner Music Japan)

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