Aliases 雛菊雛 (Hinagiku Hina) (2016-present)
Cain (2015-2016)
hina (200?-2015)
Date of birth February 25
Birthplace Hokkaido
Bloodtype O
Years active 200?-present
Current band 仮病
Occupation guitarist
Instruments guitar
Website New blog
New twitter
Old blog
Old twitter (Placebo)
Old twitter

雛菊雛 (Hinagiku Hina) is a visual kei guitarist, who has been active since the early 2000s. He was first known as hina, until he changed his name to Cain when he joined Dead Children. He is now known as 雛菊雛 (Hinagiku Hina) in his current band 仮病.

Band historyEdit

As a support memberEdit

Long-term session bandsEdit

Short-term session bandsEdit

  • 『Iris(アイリス)』 - hina performed with this session on December 28, 2012 at Ikebukuro RUIDO. The lineup also included Kyouhei (4tune_UNIT, now in MAJOLICA) on vocals, Mahiro (4tune_UNIT, now in buccal cone) on guitar, Kana (ex-AngreeD) on bass, and MW (ex-FEECHE, now in グリーヴァ) on drums.
  • LOVEhina/Coming Soon... - hina's session band first performed at his birthday event, ちょっと早めのhina祭り, at Ikebukuro RUIDO K3 on February 29, 2012. Besides hina, lineup included Kyouhei on vocals, Mahiro on guitar, GTR (ex-DragonWAPPPPPPER, now in LAGNA) on bass, and Noa (ex-【1≠password】) on drums. They would later perform under the name, Coming Soon... at their presents live, カミングアウト, at Ikebukuro RUIDO K3 on March 30, 2012, and hold their last presents live, See you soon. later on May 7, before forming the band, 4tune_UNIT.
  • hina_UNIT - This "unit" performed at 4tune_UNIT's presents live 5UNIT_millennium at Ikebukuro CYBER on January 10, 2013. Besides hina, lineup included Rima (ex-ALIST GRACE) on vocals, Rei (ex-DearVicious (support), now in The Valentine) on guitar, Umi (ex-DearVicious) on bass, and Kiyo (ex-Dear L'Novel, now in SHIVA) on drums.
  • the gravity - Cain performed with this group at buccal cone bassist Akito's birthday presents live 7deadly sins at Ikebukuro BLACK HOLE on September 3, 2015. Besides Cain, lineup included Minami (Dead Children) on vocals, Shun (ex-覇叉羅-Vasalla-) on guitar, Akito on bass, and Zukki (ex-OZ) on drums.
  • なまけものセッション (namakemono session) - Cain reunited with his former bandmate, Kyouhei, to perform alongside ex-Crazy☆shampoo members on August 31, 2015, at Takadanobaba AREA. Lineup also includes guitarist Sion (ex-Crazy☆shampoo, VIVRA VIVRE), bassist Tatsuki (ex-Crazy☆shampoo, Vurst (support)), and drummer Asuka (ex-Vurst (support), VIVRA VIVRE).




with VURNYEdit
  • 2011.08.10 感傷エゴイズム (kanshou egoism)

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