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Kaya Carmilla
single by Kaya (solo project)
Format CD
Release Date 2007.10.31
Recorded in 2007, Studio KS Unlimited
Length 11:24
Genre Darkwave, Synthpop
Label トロイメライ (Traumerei)
Sherow Artist Society
Catalog Number TK-06
Price ¥ 1,575
Producer Kaya
Chart peak #143 (1 week)
#5 (indies chart)

Carmilla is a vampire-themed single released by Kaya on October 31 2007. It was composed by HIZAKI and co-produced by Sherow Artist Society as a part of the aesthetic revolution (tanbi kakumei 耽美革命) campaign supported by both Versailles, Kaya, Juka and Node of scherzo. The single ranked #5 at the ORICON indies singles chart on its first week of release, making it the best-selling indies release by Kaya.

Track listingEdit

  1. Carmilla - 4:09
    composed by HIZAKI, lyrics by Kaya
  2. Silvery Dark (Queen's ver.) - 7:15
    composed by Kei Suzuki, lyrics by Kaya

Enchanced Video Content (first press only)Edit

  1. 傀儡 (Kugutsu) at Shibuya O-EAST (2008.8.30)
    composed by KALM, lyrics by Kaya


  • Kaya - vocals
  • Kei Suzuki - programming, arrangements


Directed by Kaya
Recording, mixing and mastering studio - Studio KS Unlimited
Recording and mastering engineer - Kei Suzuki
Photography: Takaaki Henmi
Video Engineer: Takuya Machida
Video Crew: Ryousuke Turuzono, Shoutarou Kikuchi, Tomoyushi Uchiyama
Costume: ID-JAPAN
Jacket Design: Kaya
Logo design: Dieode
Model: Shingo
Total Produced by Kaya

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