Status indie, active
Origin Tokyo
Years active 1998 - present
Founder Tetsuji "T-POP" Matsushita

SPEED DISK (also spelled as "SPEED-DISK" or "Speed-disk") is an independent visual kei label, part of the XXX RECORDS group.

Signed ArtistsEdit



Omnibus ReleasesEdit

Related BusinessesEdit

  • STUDIO XXX (since 2006) - recording studio in Takadanobaba owned by the label. Records and produces releases for most of the bands signed by SPEED DISK and other artists as well.
  • XXX RECORDS (since around 1995 or 1996) - covers releases by non-visual kei artists.
  • SPEED DISK DISTRIBUTION (since 2010) - does distribution for artists that are not signed to the label itself. It seems that all Death trap Records works are distributed by SPEED DISK as well.
  • 高田馬場AREA (live house, since 1997)
  • 池袋EDGE (live house, since 2012)

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