Sherow Artist Society
Status indie, active
Origin Tokyo, Kantō
Years active 2006 - present
Founder KAMIJO

Sherow Artist Society is an indies label founded by LAREINE's vocalist KAMIJO in 2006, produced by his previous label APPLAUSE RECORDS. Since 2014 it comprises a production office called CHATEAU AGENCY.

Label HistoryEdit

Sherow Artist Society (2006 - 2009)Edit

In 2006 LAREINE went on hiatus and KAMIJO formed Sherow Artist Society to focus on producing younger bands with distribution supported by FREE WILL. However, in 2008 most acts signed to the label disbanded or went on activity pause, and the only bands signed became Matenrou Opera and KAMIJO's own band Versailles. Both later had major debut leading to a suspension of most of Sherow Artist Society's operations. 

CHATEAU AGENCY (2013 - present)Edit

After Versailles went on hiatus in 2012, KAMIJO debuted as a solo artist and announced he was signed to his own management office CHATEAU AGENCY. He also signed the metal band MU to Sherow Artist Society in 2014. Since 2016 more artists were signed by CHATEAU AGENCY (including Versailles), but all releases are stated to be from Sherow Artist Society. The relationship between the two is not clear, but it is likely that while CHATEAU AGENCY is the artists' management office, Sherow Artist Society is in charge of releases and distribution. 

Signed Bands/ProjectsEdit

Current (CHATEAU Agency)Edit

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