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Chanton L'amour
Chantonlamour logo
AKA 耽美派 浪漫主義 (Tanbiha Soumanshugi)
Spelling シャントン・ラムール
Status indies, disbanded
Origin Tokyo, Kantō
Years 2001 - 2002
Genres Synthpop
Labels float temple
Website ainsi soit il

Chanton L'amour was the short-lived solo project of machi launched one year after the disbandment of LAREINE. Although some western fans claimed LUCI'FER LUSCIOUS Violenoue' to be the female singer on L'horloge, vocals were actually provided by Ryoko Sato as stated in the booklet. Chanton L'amour music was heavily influenced by the french pop singer Mylène Farmer, who also released a song titled L'Horloge in her album Ainsi soit je (from which machi took the name of his website: ainsi soit il).


  • machi - Programming, Live Vocals
    LAREINE → Chanton L'amour
  • Ryoko Sato - Guest Studio Vocals
    → 深紫姫 → Icecream Mama →




  • 2001.12.15 Tokyo Like an EDISON (instore)
  • 2002.10.31 Meguro Rockmaykan: APPLAUSE RECORDS PRESENTS Halloween Party "怪夜に集え美しき羊達"



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