Classical Element
Classical Element type A
Album by Jupiter
Format Type A: CD+DVD
Type B: CD+DVD
Type C: CD
Release Date 2013.08.28
Length 1:07:31
Genre Symphonic Metal
Power Metal
Neoclassical Metal
Label Universal Japan Music
Catalog Number Type A: UICN-9014
Type B: UICN-9015
Type C: UICN-1043
Price Type A: ¥3,800
Type B: ¥3,800
Type C: ¥2,980

First album by Jupiter released on August 28, 2013.

The type A comes with two PV`s called: Nostalgie and Scarlet and its makings of each PV. Type B have two videos called: Road to Classical Element and Track by track for Classical Element.

Tracklist Edit

CD Edit

  1. Introduction - 1:57 (lyrics by Jupiter)
  2. Blessing of the future (remix) - 6:03 (lyrics & music by Hizaki)
  3. Decadence - 5:33 (lyrics & music by Hizaki)
  4. RHYTHMOS - 4:34 (lyrics & music by Hizaki)
  5. Scarlet - 4:45 (lyrics by Zin, music by Teru
  6. Nostalgie - 5:07 (lyrics & music by Hizaki)
  7. Heaven`s Atlas - 4:19 (lyrics & music by Zin)
  8. ALLEGORY CAVE - 3:50 (lyrics by Zin, music by Hizaki)
  9. Symmetry Breaking - 6:44 (lyrics & music by Hizaki)
  10. forever with you - 5:37 (lyrics & music by Teru)
  11. Atmosphere - 5:30 (lyrics & music by Hizaki)
  12. Classical Element - 12:00 (lyrics & music by Hizaki)
  13. Conclusion - 1:30 (music by Hizaki)

DVD (Type B) Edit

  1. Road to Classical element
  2. Track by track of Classical Element

DVD (Type A) Edit

  1. Scarlet PV
  2. Nostalgie PV
  3. Making of Scarlet and Nostalgie

Lineup Edit

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