Crecien de Rona
Spelling クレシアンドロナ
Status indies, disbanded
Years 1999-2000
Genres visual rock
Labels unsigned


A very short-lived Visual band, Crecien de Rona formed apparently sometime in 1999, and spent only one year of activity playing concerts, releasing only a sample demo tape. They played a typical style of hard visual rock, and were noted for their energic performances and the strong voice of Shiren. They disbanded in 2000 after their contribution to a couple of omnibus albums.


Former membersEdit

  • ELL - Guitar
    → Crecien de Rona→ R


Demo tapesEdit

  • Sample demo tape, HMZ purchase benefit (1 track: B.A.T~罪~)

Omnibus albumsEdit

External linksEdit

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