Crescentalbum front
by gackt
Format CD
Release Date 12-3-2003
Catalog Number CRCP-40046
Price ¥3000

Crescent is the 4th full-length album by Gackt, released on December 3rd, 2003. The 1st press extras included a mini-calendar.

Tracklist Edit

  1. Dybbuk
  2. mind forest
  3. 月の詩 (tsuki no uta)
  4. 君が待っているから (kimi ga matteiru kara)
  5. Solitary
  6. 星の砂 (hoshi no suna)
  7. Lust for blood
  8. white eyes
  9. 君が追いかけた夢 (kimi ga oikaketa yume)
  10. Last Song
  11. birdcage
  12. オレンジの太陽 (orenji no taiyou)

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