Crystal logo
Spelling クリスタル
Status indies, disbanded
Origin Tottori prefecture, Japan
Years 2007 - 2008


Crystal were from the Tottori prefecture in the west of Japan. They started their activities on August 5th, 2007. The band was formed by three former members of DESPERADO - Yuki on guitar, Masaki on vocals, Tatsunori as the bassist and Masato, the only member that hadn’t been a part of DESPERADO, joined on guitar. Later, Masaki decided to leave and in December Loy joined the band as the new vocalist. At the beginning of 2008, the band played a few concerts throughout Japan in cities such as Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka. In April, the young band was invited to perform in Stockholm, Sweden. Although Crystal didn’t have any releases yet, their music caught the attention of Isshi from Kagrra,, who decided to be their producer. The band started to work on their first release, but this was never finished.

In summer 2008, Masato and Loy announced to be leaving the band after their planned one-man concert on August 7th at the Yonago BELIER and after that, the band would go on hiatus for a while. However, this didn't go as planned when the guitarist Yuki was hospitalized in July 2008. In the end, the band's disbandment was announced for July 11th. [1]


  • Loy - Vocals (2007.12 - 2008.07.11)
    → Crystal →
  • 夕妃 (yuki) - Guitar (2007.08.05 - 2008.07.11)
    DESPERADO → Crystal →
  • Masato - Guitar (2007.08.05 - 2008.07.11)
    → Crystal →
  • (tatsunori) - Bass (2007.08.05 - 2008.07.11)
    DESPERADO → Crystal →

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