curse of virgo
HIZAKIgraceproject curseofvirgo
Studio EP by HIZAKI grace project
Format CD + extra disc
Release Date 2007.12.26
Recorded in 2007
Length 23:20
Genre Neoclassical metal
Power metal
Label Sherow Artist Society
Catalog Number SASCD-030
Price ¥2625
Producer HIZAKI

Curse of virgo is an instrumental EP by HIZAKI grace project focused on HIZAKI's guitar playing.
The mini-album features 5 tracks, including reworked versions of Race Wish (originally included in the omnibus album Graceful Playboys) and Schwardix Marvally's metamorphose. The release features also a bonus disc with promotional pictures.
The first press included a postcard, while a poster was given away at the advance sales at the Sherow Artist Society Christmas event on December 23rd.


  1. Aphrodite - 5:45
    composed by HIZAKI
  2. Supreme being - 3:51
    composed by HIZAKI
  3. metamorphose~情景~ - 5:40
    (metamorphose ~Joukei~)
    composed by HIZAKI
  4. calm - 3:20
    composed by HIZAKI
  5. Race wish - 4:45
    composed by HIZAKI