Spelling シンシア
Status indies, disbanded
Origin Kanto
Years 1996-2000
2014.03.21 (revival)
Genres Symphonic rock
Gothic rock
Labels Office De-light (self-produced)
Related Chocolat☆
Website OHP (archived)

Cynthia were a visual kei band, formed in August 1996. Their concept was "psychological stimulation", and were a fairly popular band in the indies scene. Cynthia disbanded after their live on December 6, 2000, and later reformed for one day in 2014 to perform at the memorial event of MIRAGE drummer AYAME, who had just passed away.


  • KAZUNA - Vocals
    → Cynthia → Chocolat☆ → [retired]
  • 篝~KAGARI~ - Guitar
    → Cynthia→ [retired]
  • JINN - Guitar
    → Cynthia → [retired]
  • エイリ (eiri) - Bass (1999-2000)
    ギルト → Cynthia → Counting Koo → [retired]
  • 眞弥~MAYA~ - Drums
    → Cynthia → Kress Devia

Former membersEdit




  • 1999.10.01 SENSUOUS

Compilation albumsEdit

  • 2000.03.xx Memories of Cynthia

Demo tapesEdit

  • 1998.05.17 追想の中の幻想歌曲
  • 1998.08.30 記憶に捧げる叙情詩
  • 1999.03.14 白夜を舞う邂逅旋律
  • 1999.09.01 白夜を舞う邂逅旋律 (2nd press)

Omnibus albumEdit

  • 2000.08.30 革命〜Voice of Re-birth〜

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