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DELUHI were a visual kei band, formed January 2008 by Juri (vocal), Leda (guitar), Aggy (bass) and Sujk (drums).

Deluhi last
AKA GRAVE SEED (2006 - 2008.1)
Spelling デルヒ
Status indies, disbanded
Origin Tokyo
Years 2006 - 27.07.2011
Genres Melodic Metalcore
Related Galneryus
Website Deluhi OHP

Band History Edit

Formed January 2008 by Juri (vocal), Leda (guitar), Aggy (bass) and Sujk (drums), the band immediately started recording materials composed by Leda, the main songwriter.

Finishing their first mini album SURVEILLANCE around mid-February, they finally made their long awaited live debut on February 29th. Performing around venues in Tokyo and achieving explosive growth as a band, their debut album SURVEILLANCE was released on March 26th. With the 5 songs of the album, the band reached instant recognition as the up-and-coming band within the visual rock scene. Speeding up their activities, the band quickly released their 1st single ORION ONCE AGAIN on July 23rd. The single becoming an anthem at once, their popularity reached even higher levels.

From June to July 2010, the band has consecutively produced three singles: FRONTIER; THE FARTHEST; and DEPARTURE. Each of the songs have distinct musical characteristics, with FRONTIER taking heavier rock, lightening up a bit with THE FARTHEST, and DEPARTURE a mixture of metal and party pop. Their concert series, BLITZKRIEG-Another Departure-, promotes this three singles. On August 1st 2010, DELUHI decided to take an activity pause, but didn't inform that to the public. On October 5th, Leda confirmed that through their official site. The activity break will start officially on December 1st, after the band's live at Shibuya O-EAST.

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  • 2011.07.27 Vandalism


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