DIMLIM is a new band with ex-members from D.I.D.Deviloof and Airish. They will hold their very first one-man live at Ikebukuro Black Hole in June as well as release their first mini album “VARIOUS".

Vo. Sho → DIMLIM

Gt. Ryuuya → All Must Die → Deviloof → DIMLIM

Gt. Retsu → D.I.D.(roadie) → D.I.D.(support) → DIMLIM

Ba. Tsubasa → Airish (Haiji) → DIMLIM(Tsubasa)

Dr. Issei → Saya → HATED, Amulet*(support) → Harvey → (V-Family→freesia) → Shin sekai → Neo → 2the DISCOLAND(tekede) → D.I.D.(support/Issei) → D.I.D. → DIMLIM

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