Dead Children was a visual kei band formed by ex-NEGA bassist Ray under his own label Licht Entertainment.

Dead Children
Spelling デッドチルドレン
Status indies, active
Origin Tokyo
Years 2015.3.27 - 2016.06.29
Genres visualcore
Labels Licht Entertainment
Related Aliene Ma'riage
Website OHP

Biography Edit

After NEGA disbanded, Ray started a session band れいちぇるバンド (Raychel Band) with unstable lineup in 2013 and 2014 while setting up his label Licht Entertainment. He then started plans for Dead Children with childhood friend MAST (former bandmate in Aliene Ma'riage) around mid-to-late 2014. Minami (from ROGUE) was first recruited on vocals. Ray produced band プラセボ announced they would disband in February 2015 and their guitarist Hina became a member of Dead Children (he would change his name to Cain).

The band lineup and details were announced in December 2014, and all members got a change to play together in the session band Kuromikado 黒御門 for a couple of gigs in February 2015.

Dead Children debuted with a series of self-sponsored events at HOLIDAY SHINJUKU and the release of a live limited single in March 2015. Support drummer 64 (Rosshi) changed his name to Eight and officially joined the band with their first mini-album release in August. A twoman with Synk;yet was held at Ikebukuro CYBER on August 21st.

Dead Children suddenly announced disbandment shortly after their first oneman gig "Shosu. 処す。" at Ikebukuro K3 on March 18th 2016. They officially ended all activities with a self sponsored event on June 29th, again at Ikebukuro K3.

Ray announced he would not play in visual kei band anymore and started working a support member for other artists. Cain changed his name back to Hina and joined 仮病. Nothing from the other members has been revealed so far.

Lineup Edit

Deadchildren member 1 ミナミ (Minami)

ヴァンパイアROGUE → Dead Children

Deadchildren member 2 Cain
→ Dures → azarea → Native Devil → α. (support), THE CRISIS → VURNY → 4tune_UNIT → プラセボ →Dead Children → 仮病
Deadchildren member 3 MAST

Aliene Ma'riage, Noir fleurir (support) → MASTMILNative Devil仏滅ヘッドロックDropStarShooting (support), function code(); (support) → Louder  → VABeL → Dead Children → MOB

Deadchildren member 4 Ray
Bass, Chorus
Aliene Ma'riage RayVinettMIL (support) → ネガ/PERESTROIKA → Dead Children → NOW (support)
Deadchildren member 5 栄翔 (Eight)
Drums (2015.08.15 - 2016.6.29), Support Drums (2015.7 - 2015.8)
→ Dead Children → Nihilizm (support) → REVLOW (support), 仮病 (support), 黒百合と影  (support)

Support MembersEdit



Haunted Vox
  1. D.N.A
  2. Heretical Child
  3. 呪縛に蝕まれた、生を望む翼
  4. Black Lily
  6. 樹海の指輪


  • Music by Dead Children, lyrics by ミナミ.


Deadchildren single 1
  2. Haunted gate


  • Music by Dead Children, lyrics by ミナミ.
  • Sold only at live concerts.
free single(2016.3.18)
  1. 天使ノ解体ショー


  • Music by Dead Children, lyrics by ミナミ.
  • Free distributed at their oneman live.

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