Deadly Sanctuary
AKA Deadly Sanctuary (2001-2004/2005)
Spelling デッドリーサンクチュアリ
Status indies, disbanded
Origin Kanto
Years 2014.11-12 (revival)
Genres Punk rock
Labels Eternal
Luciffer's Record

First formed as Deadly Sanctuary, the project was led by Yayoi (of bands such as La'miss†fairy, Garnet, and Vice†Risk) and Yuuga (of bands such as DEViL KiTTY and Chateau La Tour). The project as a whole released two demo-tapes, one full album, a mini-album, and a split-release with ∀NTI FEMINISM. This band had a very punk style to their music with brittle guitar parts, gang-vocals, and obscene lyrics. Throughout their history the band also switch between several record lables: they orginally started on Eternal but then switch to Luciffer's Records (Yuuga's label), and then to Climax Enterprise. The project's exact length is unknown, but it can be estimated that they were around from 2001 until late 2004 / early 2005.

The band would later revive on November 21, 2014 to December as Yayoi would briefly return to musical activities. Now performing under the name Deadly, the duo performed up until December 31.




Demo TapesEdit

  • 2001.06.21 Homesick Child
  • 2001.07.21 Jakouneko

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